Entertainment District Proposed for Downtown Texarkana at City Council Meeting


On Monday, May 24th the City Council received their first look at a proposal to create a downtown entertainment district on the Texas side of Texarkana, where open alcohol containers would be allowed outdoors. This is similar to the one that was created in 2019 for Texarkana, Arkansas, which was created with the hopes of boosting support for downtown businesses and attracting visitors from neighboring cities.

If approved, the new ordinance will allow people to have alcoholic beverages open, in non-glass containers outdoors. The exception includes Sunday’s between 2:15 a.m. and noon. Weekdays and Saturdays 2:15 a.m.- 7a.m. The district would span from the Perot Theater through the downtown area and would not include the Bi-State Justice Building.

“I think this proposal is a positive thing for the Perot and the Texas side. The fact that the Arkansas side has one, will help us unite the downtown and improve the ability to go from one side of State Line to the other. It'[s also a positive thing for the Perot and the other restaurants, as well the future,” said Brian Goesl Theater Director and Executive Director of TRAC.

If the proposal is approved it would connect the Arts and Historic District. The proposed ordinance wouldn’t conflict with any already existing ordinances relating to noise issues, and the enforcement of state law relating to the sale and prohibition of open alcoholic containers in vehicles would still be in effect.

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