Texarkana, Texas Police Officer Suffers Serious Injuries in Dog Attack


Friday evening police were called to the 700 block of Wilson Street about some dogs that had attacked a woman. When Officer Chris Flores got out of his car and started walking toward the house, two large pit bull mix dogs charged him. He was able to hit one with his flashlight but was quickly overwhelmed by their attack. They knocked him down to the ground and continued to maul him until Officer Matthew Lindsey got there shorty afterwards. Lindsey was afraid that he couldn’t shoot the dogs without hitting Flores but was able to get them to stop the attack by spraying them with his fire extinguisher. Realizing that Officer Flores wounds were serious, Officer Jose Chavez quickly loaded him into his patrol unit and immediately took him to the hospital.

Officers later had to shoot one of the dogs when it charged the Animal Control Officer when they came to get them. The shot didn’t kill the dog but did disable it enough that they were then able catch it. The second dog was captured without incident.

Officer Flores suffered some pretty serious injuries to both arms that included bites which resulted in muscle damage on one arm and 23 lacerations on the other. He is currently in surgery at this time. According to police the woman that was attacked suffered injuries not as serious as those of the officer.

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