CHRISTUS Health Earns Recognition for Promoting Well-Being of Health Care Associates


CHRISTUS Health, an international not-for-profit health system, has earned recognition from the American Medical Association (AMA) for efforts to promote the well-being of clinical care team members and combat work-related stress and burnout.

The prestigious AMA distinction for meeting the criteria of the Joy in Medicine™ Health System Recognition Program was granted to only 72 health systems nationwide this year for documented efforts to reduce system-level drivers of work-related burnout and demonstrated competencies in commitment, assessment, leadership, efficiency of practice environment, teamwork and support.
“Our clinicians are the heartbeat of our healing ministry,” said CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Keuer. “By investing in them, we are truly able to live our values at CHRISTUS Health of integrity, excellence, compassion and stewardship as we strive to improve the lives of individuals and communities.”

Through the HoneyComb Project, the CHRISTUS wellness initiative that spearheaded programs to reduce burnout, improve quality, safety, and retention in physicians and other clinicians, CHRISTUS Health has progressed from Bronze recognition in 2021 to now Silver recognition in 2023. Only 26 health systems nationwide qualified for Silver recognition.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring national attention to the HoneyComb Project, CHRISTUS Health, and the CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic wellness program and the work we are doing,” said Dr. Linda Ray, chair of The HoneyComb Project at CHRISTUS. “This recognition is a roadmap for reducing burnout in our clinicians, which is vital for improving quality of care and safety of our patients.”

Burnout rates among the nation’s physicians and other health care professionals spiked dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic placed acute stress on care teams and exacerbated long-standing system issues. While the worst days of the pandemic have past, the lingering impact of work-related burnout remains an obstacle to achieving national health goals.

“Health organizations that have earned recognition from the AMA’s Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program are leading a national movement that has declared the well-being of health professionals to be an essential element for providing high-quality care to patients, families, and communities,” said AMA President Dr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld. “Each Joy in Medicine recognized organization is distinguished as among the nation’s best at creating a culture of wellness that makes a difference in the lives of clinical care teams.”

“The goal of the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program is to unite the health care community in building a nationwide culture committed to the well-being of clinical care teams by helping health organizations invest in action plans promoting professional fulfillment and meaning that clinicians find in caring for their patients,” said Dr. Christine Sinsky, AMA vice president of professional satisfaction. 

Since its inception in 2019, the Joy in Medicine™ Health System Recognition Program has recognized more than 100 organizations across the country. Learn more about the AMA Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program at 

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