Don’t Wait Until Black Friday: Shortages Expected This Christmas


So long are the days that you can run to the store on Christmas Eve to pick up the last remaining doll on the shelf that your child has been begging months for. Instead, the key to killing it this Christmas: Start shopping now.

For those who are waiting until Black Friday to purchase those big ticket items that you have been eyeing for your kids this year, you might want to keep track of how many are left in stock over the next few weeks. CNBC has reported that Toy Stores and other companies selling toys are expecting a major shortage this year due to delays in shipping, manufacturing and more thanks to the second year of the pandemic.

According to CNBC a large number of people have already started Christmas shopping this year, starting as far back as August and September. While many are waiting on the deals offered on Black Friday, many are unaware of how to get those same great deals: NOW! Did you know that many stores have hidden policies in their fine print? Stores like Costco? Many hidden policies state that if there is something on sale within 30 days of an original purchase, they will price match it for you online by simply filling out a form. This means you can still get all the great deals from Black Friday, by simply shopping early. Reading the fine print on company and store policies may save you a fortune this year.

Let’s not forget the great shipping crisis of Christmas 2020. Last year, Post Offices, UPS, FedEx and other shipping companies were so overwhelmed with the amount of packages being shipped thanks to the pandemic keeping most Americans at home, that they were experiencing shipping delays. In order to guarantee shipments last year for Christmas, you had to send it almost two weeks in advance to ensure it would make it to its destination on time.

In an August press release from USPS, they noted that beginning October 3rd- December 26th, they are temporarily increasing the prices of shipping. According to their press release they will be increasing the prices from close to $.75 to almost $5 for certain shipping choices. It is crucial now more than ever to be vigilant in your Christmas shopping and shipping journey this year.

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