Howard County Deputy Joey Davis Completes “Desert Snow” Training Course


Deputy Joey Davis recently completed a three day specialized training course last Thursday, January 15. The course is developed to help identify and intercept those transporting illegal narcotics, weapons, bulk currency, explosives, and other contraband coming into our area communities. This Course is entitled ”Desert Snow”. It is a national accredited course that targets narcotics and criminal interdiction.

Deputy Travis Turner has also completed this course in the past along with members of other area law enforcement. The purpose of this course is to give these officers an expertise in the areas of identifying and detecting drugs and drug money. Deputy Turner being the K-9 officer for the county we plan on him and Davis working together, and along with the area Drug Task Force to help control the amount of illegal narcotics that enter our area.

Davis and Turner are also trained in civil asset seizures and any assets seized and later forfeited to the county will be placed in the prosecutor’s drug fund and later spent on training and equipment needed by our local law enforcement to continue fighting our drug problem. Using these drug forfeitures allows our departments to stay trained and equipped while keeping money spent from tax dollars to a minimum.

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