LifeNet to Present Life Saver Award at Texarkana City Council Meeting


On May 8th during the monthly Texarkana, Texas City Council Meeting, LifeNet and the City of Texarkana will present a Life Saving Award to two individuals.

In September 2022, LifeNet encountered a patient in cardiac arrest at the Hobby Lobby on Richmond Road. When that patient collapsed, her daughter began CPR almost immediately. From that moment, a Hobby Lobby employee was paged to the incident and took over CPR for the daughter. LifeNet crews were able to arrive in two minutes from the original dispatch and transport her to the hospital. Both the employee’s and the daughter’s prompt action heavily contributed to her full recovery and the patient being discharged neurologically intact.

This success story needs to be shared with the Texarkana community to showcase how bystander CPR truly can save someone’s life. This story is to encourage our community to become certified in CPR and know where Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) are in common places such as work, church or gym.

The LifeNet LifeSaver Award recognizes people who have saved a life, regardless of the risk, through the application of first aid knowledge and skills.
Possible nominees include individuals, or groups of individuals, who:
1. Performed bystander CPR or applied an AED that resulted in a successful return of circulation.
2. Successfully controlled the bleeding of a patient whose bleeding was life threatening.
3. Successfully maintained the airway of a patient whose airway was compromised and life threatening.

Please join us for this presentation at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of Texarkana, Texas City Hall.

LifeNet is a community based non-profit emergency medical services (EMS) company that has been providing high-quality patient-first emergency medicine services for over 30 years. Our current service areas include Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, and regions of Oklahoma.

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