Red Lick Elementary: Operation Opportunities

Ali Williams, Jackson Taylor, Sherry Young, Grant Swenson, Blaine Williams, Tyler Swenson

What started out as a morning devotional on the way to school,  turned into a mission … “Operation Opportunities.” 

“We were doing a devotional called “The Plans I Have for You.” We did discuss God  calls us to pray, absolutely, but He also calls us to action sometimes too.” That’s  when they realized if they could get their school involved, they could make a bigger  impact.” – Catie Swenson, Mom & Organizer 

Grant Swenson, Tyler Swenson, Blaine Williams, Jackson Taylor, Ali Williams

“I had been seeing a lot of people in need and it made me kind of sad. So I thought  what if we did like some sort of drive at school or something. I really did not know  what to do, but then we talked about it as a group in the car.” –Ali Williams 

From March 22 – April 2, Red Lick Elementary students were challenged to collect  socks and books for the children of Opportunities, Inc. The winning grade level was  rewarded with an ice cream party and extra recess. 

Combined, Red Lick Elementary students donated close to 3,000 items (books &  socks) with 1st grade winning the contest. 

Tyler Swenson


“We wanted to help people.” –Tyler Swenson 

“I saw someone that looked cold and felt like we should pray for them.” -Grant  Swenson 

“I thought the books were good so it would help kids learn.” –Blaine Williams 

“Sometimes when I go to my Granny’s I see people standing on the side of the road  wanting money or to get something warm. After we got finished with Operation  Opportunities, I felt really good like I was able to help people.” –Jackson Taylor

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