Participate in Premier High School’s Prom Dress Drive

By: A J McGilberry


Prom has become a tradition among high school students to celebrate the end of their primary schooling era. While it was created for controversial reasons, the dance has become a staple in the lives of teenagers, as well as a coming of age rejoice and send-off as students embark on the new journeys of their lives. Giving this experience to students is Premier High School’s pleasure, but it does not come without its challenges.

Premier began to uphold this tradition only last year when the students finally wore the faculty down from their previous standpoint on the matter. However, this means that the school itself is unable to fully pay for all of the necessities of the event, and its success relies on student-led fundraisers. Premier’s student council has planned and led several fundraisers for this event including food days, game nights, Halloween parties, and more. Students even banded together to create breathtaking decorations from scratch. Last year, the organization used the resources gathered from these events to put together a prom that stunned their students, granting them the experience that previous Premier students were not able to have. Since then, the talk of the school has been this year’s prom. Students have been planning the big dance since the beginning of the school year, and they are just as excited as they were last year.

The diversity of Premier High School students is a badge worn with honor, and the school intends to help those who can’t get by easily on their own in every way possible. One of these ways is through the prom dress drive and closet. There are students attending Premier who benefit from the free closet, where the school collects donations of shoes, accessories, and, most importantly, dresses and suits. Those who are in need of the dress closet are not shamed but invited to try on the donations. The closet is filled with pieces given by those generous enough to pass on the tradition to the next generation of students, no matter who they are. Premier’s dress closet has received donations from students, teachers, family friends, and any person who happened to see the flier. In the future, Premier hopes to receive more pieces. Every donation leads to a chance for a graduate to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Despite the Student Council’s best efforts, these fundraisers aren’t always able to cover everything they want to give the students. With prom being such a new institution to the yearly schedule, Premier’s prom doesn’t have a strict method. The Student Council continues to use trial and error to find what’s right. Donations towards the events of the school allow more room for this process. Donations have come from anywhere and anyone, and every student is grateful for the contributions. Despite the proximity of prom, it is not too late to donate. What isn’t used this year is put into the prom fund for next year and every year after. From clothing to money, any donation helps Premier provide a beautiful prom for each and every one of its students.

Those wishing to donate any items can bring donations to Premier High School at 3448 Summerhill Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503. For more information on the drive, you can speak with the students of the student council by calling Premier High School at (430) 200-4385

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