Peak Fighting to Host PF 14 and PF15 this Friday and Saturday Night



This Friday and Saturday night Peak Fighting will be hosting two nights of Live MMA action: PF 14 and PF 15. Men and women from around the world are coming together to fight here in Texarkana, in a 30 foot diameter cage. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn Texarkana, Arkansas Convention Center (located in front of the water park), and tickets are expected to go fast. Don’t miss your chance to get in on some of the action this weekend!

“Johnny Ross, co-owner and match-maker, and I are eager to see the turnout from this weekend’s events. Our previous events each had a good turnout, but we are excited to show off some amazing fighters this weekend and we know that they are ready,” said Bryan Poe, Promoter and Co-Owner of Peak Fighting. “This event includes four Texarkana locals fighting this weekend: Marcus Williamson, Rico Lee, Jack McDaniels, and Markus Thomas,” said Poe.


Friday night’s event will begin at 7 with doors opening at 6. There are approximately 12 fights taking place this Friday night, including the fight for the FlyWeight Title between Bryant and Mendoza, the current title holder. Saturday night’s event will begin at 6, with doors opening at 5. There are approximately 14 fights scheduled for Saturday night, including the match between female MMA Fighters Grawe vs Craig. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for both nights, you must individually purchase each ticket as this weekend’s two nights are not combined in each ticket purchase.

If you are interested in watching the fights at home you can purchase a Pay-Per-View of each fight from the Peak Fighting Website. “Something I have found interesting since we have started doing this is that when we look at the demographics of who is watching our fights, we are seeing countries from around the world. It’s truly amazing,” said Poe. The PF 14 and PF 15 matches are set to be one of the best selling fights Peak Fighting has held, and tickets are expected to go fast.

“We want to make sure we are appealing to everyone in our area, and those at home. When I explain how we are, in comparison to the UFC, I always use the analogy that we are similar to a minor league baseball team.  The fighters you see in the UFC, had to come up through regional promotions, just like ours.  All of our fighters are working towards the UFC, and eventually some of them will get called up. The fights we put on are real, sanctioned by The Arkansas State Athletic Department, and they will get your adrenaline rushing.  All of these fighters are working towards their end goal of making it to that major league arena, and we are just a way to allow these fighters from around the world, their opportunity to continue to grow, and show-off their incredible skills,” said Poe.

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