Texarkana Transportation Visioning Tool


The Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has started developing its Connect to 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). This plan identifies how the metropolitan area will manage and operate a multi-modal transportation system and prioritize projects that include improvements to walking, biking, riding transit, and driving. The MTP’s purpose is to outline a plan to meet the region’s economic, transportation, development, and sustainability goals. One of the most important elements of this process is understanding the needs of the public and stakeholders (those who have a ‘stake’ in the plan’s outcomes) in the community and incorporating their feedback into the planning process and the final MTP document.

To be engaged in the planning process surrounding growth and the future of the Texarkana area, we invite you to use the Texarkana Transportation Visioning Tool: Connect to 2050 Texarkana Metropolitan Transportation Plan (arcgis.com) Prioritize your values related to the transportation system. Complete the online survey. Leave comments on the map where you would like to see improvements to the transportation system.

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