TXK Today Now Has Searchable List of Police & Fire Calls


Our online police & fire calls for service database includes all calls dispatched by Bi-State and Miller County. At this point you can filter your data by certain criteria soon we will be adding a searchable map interface.

The database is updated automatically every morning when Bowie & Miller Counties email us the list. We have about a month of data so far or about 7,000 calls.

Search for yourself Online Calls For Service Database

Here are a few examples.

In the first example I am searching for all burglary calls on State Line Ave. So in the type drop-down box at the bottom of the chart I selected BURGLARY and then in the address box I just typed state.

In the next search I am searching for all false alarms responded to by all agnecies. So I left all fields unchanged except for disposition where I searched for false.


Try it for yourself at Our Online Blotter.

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