Shannon Gamble

May 11, 1966 - June 8, 2022


Shannon Gamble, age 56, of Texarkana, TX, passed away on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in St. Michael’s hospital, with her loyal spouse Billy Cole by her side.

Shannon was born on May 11, 1966, to the parents Sherron Horton and Steve Mercer in Fort Worth, TX. She grew up next to her half-sister, Joelle, and her two cousins Donny and Aaron, who she would consider more like brothers and companions. Shannon had the spirit of a fierce warrior who could not be contained. Shannon’s love and loyalty spoke volumes as she sacrificed everything for her two daughters, Stephanie and Kasey, while they were growing up. She worked common jobs here and there, until becoming a stay-at-home mom/grandmother while her loyal spouse, Billy Cole, provided. Even though she was a stay-at-home, she still found enjoyment in keeping her home spiffy, clean, and bringing light and laughter to her household. Her grandchildren consist of Braylen King, Kaiden King, Ezra Dotson, and Marijane Dotson, and one more baby girl on the way during the time of her passing. They all loved her very dearly and could see the beauty in her heart just the same as her own two daughters. Not only did she share the joys of grandchildren. She also had two cats, Gary and Rain, along with one pup by the name of Dexter, who were immensely therapeutic to her already wholesome and tender soul. She enjoyed most her time spent with family, playing old records while reminiscing the old days, as she traveled a lot as a young woman with her mother because she was in the Navy.

She will have a viewing/gathering on Tuesday, the 14th, from 6 pm-8 pm at Texarkana funeral home.

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