How to Legally Bet on Major League Baseball in Texarkana


More and more states are legalizing sports betting, yet it remains illegal in Texarkana, Texas, while it’s perfectly legal in Texarkana, Arkansas. For residents in this bustling twin city, that can seem baffling. For how do you know what you can and cannot do? And what states allow you to use online sports betting apps? 

When it comes to betting and other types of gambling, location is key. Some states like Arizona accept online betting, others only allow in-person – and then there are the hardliner-states where it’s a no to both. So, if you are a Texarkana resident hoping to place a wager on a baseball, then it’s wise to know the rules.

Play in a state where sports gambling is legal

There are many ways to place bets on a game of baseball, but it all depends on where you are, or where you are going. If you are planning on leaving Texarkana, whether that’s from the Texas side or the Arizona side, then you need to research the laws of the state you are heading to. If online sports betting, for instance, is legal, then you can sign up and bet while you are there. Just get clear on the rules for the specific location before you start betting on major league baseball. 

Combine sports wagering with a holiday 

One of the positive things about needing to leave your own state to be able to bet on sports online is that you can make a holiday out of it. Imagine going to Colorado, a state with stunning natural beauty and mountain ranges, as well as legalized online sports betting. Or how about catching a great game of Baseball in New York, while placing your own bets? Just remember to abide by the laws of your own state when you return – it’s easy to get carried away.  

Betting in-person in Texarkana, Arkansas

If you are not one to cross state borders and prefer to stay in your own neck of the woods, then you can legally place bets on sports teams, including baseball, in one of Arkansas’ four casinos where this is permitted. Prepare yourself by reading the latest sports news from your local area and decide what baseball matches you are going to place a bet on. Going to bet in person can be a great day out. A good excuse to venture into a glitzy casino.  

Keep an eye out for changes to the law

Some people predict that sports betting and gambling will in fact become legalized in Texas, but there is still a long way to go. Change takes time, especially when it requires changes to the law, which is why it’s unlikely to happen before 2023. In the meantime, you can keep up to date by following the news on the developments across the country. More and more states are putting forth bills and proposed changes and we are bound to see a lot more opportunities in sports betting in the years to come.

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