More American Businesses Are Embracing Digital Work Methods


In the not-too-distant past, going to work usually meant getting up early in the morning, having breakfast, sending your kids off to school and then you commute to your office or other workspace where you’d complete your work physically. 

Today this norm is no longer the case. After Covid’s surge throughout the States resulting in a lockdown of more or less the whole country, thousands of businesses were forced to send their employees home to complete their work there. While many of us walked in to 2022 with new New Year’s resolutions and awaiting a fresh start, it seems Covid hasn’t had its last say. So how are businesses continuing to operate and prosper while the traditional working environment is under siege? Let’s find out!

The Digital Age Connects Us All

One of the main advantages of living in the Digital Age is that almost everything can be handled online. The internet is seemingly a limitless repository for sending and receiving information. We can send e-mails with important information and files. We can call and video chat with each other. The barriers that once separated us no longer exist. 

And just like that most work environments could be adapted to the home of the average Joe as long as they have a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access. Most of these appliances are standard inventory of any home. 

All a manager had to do was find a business management software to make the delegation and monitoring of work easy and manageable and then business as usual proceeded. 

Employees Generally Seem Happier with the Digital Transition

For a good while in the initial phases of the pandemic, many people were not too content with moving their work environment into their homes. It could be stressful with having their children there and also disturb the balance between the professional and private sphere of life. 

But as time has gone on, Americans seem to some extent be happy with the change. In 2020 71% of Americans worked from home and a whopping 54% would like to continue this trend after the pandemic as well. 

So why do employees generally seem happy with this change? Some like the lessened level of oversight that is conducted at a workplace, leaving them to perform their tasks in the tempo and manner they find works best for them. 

Some people feel more motivated to do their work when they have control of their surroundings. This is the case when you work from home, whereas the options for this are typically limited at the office. 

Importantly as well is the efficiency and lack of time needed to do their work. Employees can sleep longer as they won’t have to commute back and forth between their work. They feel they have more time for their hobbies or just taking a stroll in nature. Ultimately this means they feel happier and more motivated 

These are part of the reason many businesses are embracing the opportunities the digital era gives. But whether they‘re going to last is an entirely different question.

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