A Day With TAPD

Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department allowed TXK Today to ride along with an officer today. Officer Rochelle was kind enough to let me tag along behind him most of the day and here is a glimpse at what we did.

1. Warrant Service at Arkansas Adult Probation

The first call of the day was to the Arkansas Probation office who had called in saying that someone was in their office that had an active warrant from Wake Village PD.


Officer Rochelle and another TAPD officer arrested the person and we then transported him to jail at Bi-state.

Officer Rochelle Completing Paper Work in Bi-State

2. Banning From Property Turns Into Felony Warrant Arrest

An apartment complex manager wanted a woman banned from the premises. Officer Rochelle and another officer entered the apartment with the residents permission and come out 5 minutes later with one person under arrest for an outstanding felony arrest warrant.  Officer Rochelle can be seen holding some pills they found in her pocket.