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Miller County Adds Two Additional Locations For Early Voting For a Limited Time


Early Voting in Arkansas in now active, according to Miller County Clerk Ann Nicholas. For two weeks, Early Voting is conducted in the main hallway of the Miller County Courthouse. Also, for the first time, satellite voting will be available on Thursday, October 30, Friday, October 31, and Saturday, November 1. The Miller County Election Commission, with cooperation from the clerk’s office, has established two satellite sub-stations for Early Voting: Hickory Street Baptist Church and the Fouke Community Center. The times for Early Voting at the Hickory Street precinct and the Fouke precinct are Thursday, 8am to 6pm, Friday, 8am to 6pm, and Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Continue Reading →

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Area Officials Discuss Ebola Preparedness at Joint Meeting [VIDEO]


Emergency management personal, first responders, and area medical professionals attended a joint meeting at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center to discuss area ebola preparedness. The event was a joint effort hosted by Texarkana, Texas and LifeNet. According to LifeNet Medical Director Dr. Matt Young, “a diagnosis here is not likely however they are taking it very seriously.” No local cases of ebola have been reported. Watch the video to see Dr. Young discuss topics covered at todays meeting. Continue Reading →

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Texas Comptroller Designates Liberty-Eylau ISD as a Platinum Member of the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle


Liberty-Eylau ISD has been designated as a Platinum Member of the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle. According to the Comptroller’s office, the platinum designation spotlights entities that go above and beyond providing financial transparency in local government. Liberty-Eylau ISD is one of 110 school districts statewide and one of seven in Region 8 to receive platinum designation. Other Region 8 districts receiving Platinum designation are Atlanta ISD, Daingerfield-Lonestar ISD, Hughes Springs ISD, Linden-Kildare ISD, Paris ISD, and Red Lick ISD. Texas Comptroller Susan Combs recognizes the diligence required for districts to be recognized as platinum. “Since we began the Leadership Circle program, an increasing number of local governments have worked hard to open their books to citizens in order to demystify finances,” Combs said. Continue Reading →

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Volunteers Needed For RRAD Rod and Gun Club Youth Hunt This Saturday



RRAD will also host a Chili Cook Off in support of the Youth Hunt. The Chili Cook Off begins at 10:00 am and is only $10 to enter. Volunteers are needed for the upcoming RRAD Rod and Gun Club Youth Hunt on Saturday, October 25. The hunt gives children from local orphanages and group homes a change to enjoy a day of hunting. This is an event where a little time will mean so much to these children. Continue Reading →

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Gov. Perry Tours Advanced Manufacturing Facility with Capability to Rapidly Produce Life-Saving Drugs


COLLEGE STATION – Gov. Rick Perry today toured the Texas A&M National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing, one of the pioneering vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing facilities that comprise the Texas A&M Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (CIADM). The federal government has asked Texas A&M to submit a proposal to manufacture ZMapp, one of the most promising new drugs to treat victims of Ebola. If selected, the CIADM is prepared to take action immediately to ramp up production of the drug for clinical trials or experimental therapy for Ebola patients. “Through the rapid and cost-effective manufacture of vitally-needed vaccines and treatments, the facilities here hold the promise of saving millions of lives in the event of a global pandemic,” said Gov. Perry. “Pending federal approval, the experts here will employ revolutionary methods and processes to quickly manufacture ZMapp at a scale that has national and potentially global implications.”

The Texas A&M CIADM, a public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the State of Texas and biopharmaceutical industry collaborators, is responding to the need for rapid and flexible manufacturing to bolster the nation’s response to public health threats. Continue Reading →

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Texarkana, Arkansas Yearbook From 1913 Shows Up In Old Milwaukee Bookstore


Earlier this year, a person on a website called found a yearbook entitled Better Half 1913. Even more interestingly, it turned up in Milwaukee. It is a yearbook for Texarkana in Arkansas (which is now Arkansas High School now) published in 1913. The user avergagedekutree scanned and posted the images from the yearbook.

[via averagedekutree on reddit]

The most interesting parts of the yearbook were:

The best quote goes to Ralph Evans “Fritter” Editor in Chief of the Better Half, Valedictorian: “He has taken dancing lessons from Miss McKinnell, but one of his feet is a Methodist and won’t work. Continue Reading →

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